RDT is proud to be able to offer a wide range of services to our customers. Based on our customer's demands and needs we continue to evaluate and explore new and innovative services to add to our offerings.

Our Machine Shop Capabilities include:


Re-Tool Jointing

Re-Tool Jointing

Focusing on saving our customers money through innovation has always been paramount to RDT's operations. With that in mind, when we were building our main manufacturing facility in Beasley, Texas, we engineered the layout of our plant so that we would be the best choice for our customers when it came to Re-Tool Jointing Services for Drill Pipe, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe and Drill Collars.

Unlike most manufactures, we have two dedicated buildings on campus that handle this type of service. This allows us to offer this cost savings solution without interrupting the work flow for our new product line production. Building One is dedicated solely for the processing of Drill Pipe and Building Two is utilized for Heavy Weight Drill Pipe and Drill Collars.

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Re-Certified Heavy Weight

Re-Certified Heavy Weight Drill pipe

RDT is always looking for ways to improve our customer's bottom-line and to offer options on alternative ways to save money and reuse existing products. Along with our Re-Tool Jointing service, another service we provide that you can choose instead of Re-Tool Jointing is our own Re-Certified process.

Our Re-Tool Jointing service is a process where we remove the old worn out tools joints and replace them with NEW tool joints. Although this process extends the service life of the tubular, the fact is that the tube body that remains still maintains it's existing outside and inside diameters.

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Internal Plastic Coatings

Internal Plastic Coatings

We offer our customers premium Internal Powder Coating Systems for all their Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG).

Escalating steel prices, manufacturing cost and long lead time for product replacement, requires a measurable means of extending the useful life of OCTG products. Ours internal coating systems offer tubular protection in extreme drilling, completion, work-over and production environments; providing a reduction in operational cost while increasing hydraulic efficiencies.

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