RDT continues to focus on the growth of our manufacturing capabilities. Within the walls of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we have the equipment and trained personnel to produce superior tubular products with consistent quality. Our manufacturing goal is not only to meet our customer's demands, but to focus on exceeding them.

Our vertically integrated production segments reduce logistic concerns and create efficiencies by maintaining complete scheduling control. So with RDT you are getting a superior manufactured tubular product, consistent focus on QA/QC and a more expediently delivered product.

  • Premium Upset Tubing

    Premium Upset Tubing

    RDT's new product line includes our Heavy Wall Premium Upset Workstring and Production Tubing with premium two-step connections.

    Our Premium Upset Tubing was developed using steel chemistry that is synonymous with drill pipe.

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  • Drill Pipe

    Drill Pipe

    RDT we understand our customer's need for durability and performance when choosing the drill pipe that they will use.

    Each joint of pipe we produce goes through our intense quality assurance procedures which start from the time we begin material selection for producing the pipe, to the final inspection at the end of the manufacturing process. Only the best tubes are selected to make the best drill pipe.

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  • Wear Knotā„¢ Drill Pipe

    Wear Knot™ Drill Pipe

    RDT's Wear Knot™ Drill Pipe solves the problem of premature tube wear seen in today's aggressive drilling applications and also achieves faster penetration rates in unconventional shale plays.

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  • DT/DS High Torque Premium Connections

    DT/DS High Torque Premium Connections

    RDT offers two types of high torque connections; our DT, which is our premium high torque connection and our DS, which is our premium double shoulder connection. Each provides a substantial increase in drilling safety and performance with enhanced torque capacity.

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  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

    Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

    The industry standard when faced with the need for an intermediate-weight drill stem component is the Heavy Weight Drill Pipe.

    To make this drill pipe useful in several various applications, the Heavy Weight Drill Pipe is available in standard and spiraled.

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  • Tuff-Tube Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

    Tuff-Tube Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

    Tuff-Tube Heavy Weight Drill Pipe is a new generation design using micro alloyed steel far surpassing the industry standard for heavy weight design.

    Tuff-Tube was designed to better resist the wear and fatigue seen in highly deviated wells as well as aggressive directional planning.

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  • Drill Collars

    Drill Collars

    RDT drill collars are manufactured from 4145-modied continuous-line quenched and tempered steel.

    Strict metallurgical specifications are followed to ensure that full-length heat-treating produces a consistent maximum depth of hardness.

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  • Drilling Accessories

    Drilling Accessories

    At RDT we have many accessory components to compliment our lines of tubular goods.

    We manufacture all our accessories with precision care and a strict adherence to all our quality control measures.

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