Premium Upset Tubing

Premium Upset Tubing
For additional information on our Premium Upset Tubing offerings - please click here. For additional information on our Premium Upset Casing offerings - please click here.
RDT's new product line includes our Heavy Wall Premium Upset Workstring and Production Tubing with premium two-step connections. Our Premium Upset Tubing was developed using steel chemistry that is synonymous with drill pipe.


  • Enhanced strength and durability resulting in extended life expectancy
  • Smaller ID meets API drift requirements
  • Enhanced P110 values at the high end of standard API yield range
  • Controlled range of yield and tensile values
  • 95%+ Martensite properties at quench, prior to tempering, produces premium Charpy (impact) values
  • Longest Upset on the market - allows more re-cuts
  • Available in various weights, grades and sizes ranging from 2-3/8" to 4-1/2"


  • Connection area exceeds tube body ratings in tensile, burst and collapse values
  • Multiple metal to metal seals for internal and external pressure
  • Only ONE potential leak path per joint
  • Requires fewer turns to make-up the non-tapered, parallel, two-step thread design
  • No cross threading or galling after multiple make and breaks
  • Built-in torque shoulder connection runs like Drill Pipe
  • Interchangeable with existing two-step connections
  • RDT-6 and RDT-8 thread forms are available with seal rings for internally coated tubing
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